Shatterer of Worlds by Shiromi Arserio

Shatterer of Worlds is a science fiction re-telling of The Mahabharata. It follows two warring families as they vie for control of the powerful Boentu Star System.

Shatterer of Worlds is a web serial that comes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each post is roughly 300-800 words long. It is absolutely free since it’s an early draft. Just go to the site and read it. If you want to stay up to date with the story, simply use the email sign up and have it delivered to your inbox.

However, if you decide to donate, I will use all or part of your name in my story. If that isn’t enough, whenever the tip jar hits $10, I will also do a bonus post on Saturdays.

Becca by Shiromi Arserio

The motto of the Hope Mission was “To Save Mankind”. Nine solitary figures were sent out in nine spaceships, on a five-year mission to search for a new habitable planet for the human race.

However, when a geomagnetic storm arrives, Becca, reaching her breaking point, must choose between abandoning a potential Goldilocks world, and jeopardising the entire mission.

You can pick up a digital copy of Becca over at Amazon In addition to Becca, you’ll get a free sample of my latest work titled Shatterer of Worlds.

The Huntsman's Tale by Shiromi Arserio

Gaard is just a starving hunter trying to feed his wife and child. Vala is the mysterious new bride of the king.

When Vala catches Gaard poaching from the king’s private hunting grounds she decides to take him for a lover. Suddenly Gaard finds himself handed the job of the king’s personal huntsman. But at what cost?

The Huntsman’s Tale is a dark fairytale about obsession and consequences.

Read a preview of my latest short story, The Huntsman’s Tale, over at Amazon

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