About Me

My name is Shiromi Arserio. I’m  a British freelance writer. From the age of six, my mother instilled in me a love for travel when she first took me out of the country on a trip to Switzerland. Since then I’ve travelled through four continents and have been lucky enough to live all over the United States, including Hawaii. Currently I’m making the Pacific Northwest my home.

My hobbies include hiking, geocaching, paddling, snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching. This is what I love to do, and this is what I love to write about.

I’m also a self-confessed geek, and am editor of the science fiction online magazine Inter-Galaxy Portal. I have also worked on other geeky publications such as Stakeage.com and Illusion Television and the now defunct Brit Girls Gadget Guide.

I was a regular contributor to DISfunkshion Magazine, and my articles can also be found in publications such as Listen and OutdoorsNW.

I have also provided content to web developers such as Onomojo Media.

Currently I am working on a collection of short stories, beginning with The Huntsman’s Tale which is available as an ebook, as well as a mystery science fiction project, to be revealed soon!


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