One Year Ago Today

A year ago today I lost my dad. I still miss him very much.

It’s been a rough year, but also a very enlightening one. I’ve learned so much about myself.

I haven’t done much writing, I confess. I haven’t done any fiction writing actually, and only recently went back to doing IGP posts.

Looking back at this blog, it’s pretty depressing. Losing my dad, losing Luna, and before that, losing Jory. My family is getting smaller and smaller it seems. It’s made me cherish what little family I do have left.

Losing my dad and everything that happened right after that opened my eyes to some very painful situations. I’d like to tell my dad that I’m okay. That I’m staying busy. The voice over thing is getting better and better. I don’t know if he’d have taken to audiobooks. Maybe. He did love to read. The past couple of years have made me calmer and more at peace. More appreciative of what I have. I hope he knows that, and I hope understands why I’ve made the choices I’ve made. Mostly though, I just miss him and really wish I could have said goodbye to him properly.

In case anyone is wondering, snowdrops means “hope” and I like that. That’s how I feel… hopeful for the future.

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