My Happy Place

Last week we came back from ten days in our Happy Place AKA the Aloha State, AKA Maui. It certainly seems as though Hawaii has become where I turn to when I’m grieving or stressed out. And I can honestly say it helped. I LOVED my time there. It’s been four years since we’ve been to Maui. Last time we were there we were living in Kihei. Things have changed and, I admit, it took a little while getting into the swing of things. But oh boy, once we got the hang of it again….

We went to Olowalu four days straight, renting a kayak from a lovely gent named Jim, and paddling and snorkeling. Swam with turtles, humus, puffer fish and all sorts of other local fish life. But the very best encounter was saved for our last full day on the island.

We went to Maui for the whales. It’s just simply better and more reliable than Oahu in that respect. The whales are closer, they’re easier to spot. We had already been on a whale watching tour once, and were planning to go again on our last day. We even bought a pair of cheap binoculars, after we forgot ours at home, that’s how dedicated we are to it. A few years ago when we were paddling around Olowalu we had an incredibly close encounter with a humpback mother and calf. I never thought that could be repeated. Nor would I necessarily want to, it’s pretty scary having a humpback that close to you. I pretty much wrote it off as a once in a lifetime experience.

So when I saw all the kayaks padding halfway to Kahoolawe to look for whales, I shrugged and laughed. There’s no predicting where a humpback is going to turn up. It’s all luck. So imagine my surprise when, the one day we decided to paddle out into the deep water we had another close encounter with some humpbacks. We hadn’t seen any nearby. Didn’t expect to. And then a small group just popped up beside us. They weren’t nearly so close this time, but they were close enough. My heart was racing as I listened to them breathing. It was intense. It was a mother, a calf and an escort. They kept weaving around us while we stayed put, waiting for them to leave. We even had a baby breach about 30 yards away from our kayak. So very glad that it did not continue to do so. Much further away, we got to see an adult breach, which was very cool. I honestly think the baby was curious about the kayaks. Alas, we don’t have any pictures, since we no longer own a waterproof camera, but I will always treasure those minutes we had with the humpbacks, before they eventually decided to go further out into the deep water.

What else can I say about Maui? I wanna move back there. A huge part of me does, for sure. True, they’ve since closed down most of the few Italian restaurants they had in Kihei, but we discovered a cool new shave ice place called Ululani’s which is at least as good as Waiola on Oahu. I don’t miss the roaches. We did see one roach on our first night at the B&B we were staying at. But I miss the island life. It’s expensive and difficult to maintain, but it’s even harder to shake off, when you know you’ve done it once before. Some day, perhaps.

Since I’ve been home, I rolled right back into a recording project. Well, a re-re-recording project. I have a few other things that I’m working on, but man, I’m having a hard time getting back to work. My creative juices are NOT flowing right now. Hopefully this post helps.

I am mostly happier than my previous posts. Life is continuing as it is wont to do. I have a lot of feelings I’m working through, and it has honestly left me little time to be creative, but baby steps…

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