One Year

Saw that TIME magazine has done an article on the childfree movement again. Most of you already know my feelings, so I won’t go into it gain, but it bothers me to see all the ugly, judgmental people rear their heads again.

There’s some question about whether or not it is selfish to not want kids. It is selfish in a way. I know I don’t much care for kids and wouldn’t be a great mother, so I choose not have them. But is that any more selfish than having kids because you want them, even though you can’t afford them? Or having children because you hope it will bring you and your spouse closer? At least my selfishness doesn’t affect anyone else. Oh well. I just shake my head at the comments these days and move on.


Speaking of moving, it was just over a year ago that we moved into this house. I still can’t believe all the crap we went through to get in here. The whole process was incredibly, needlessly difficult. Even once we moved in, the place was a tip. The fridge had rotten food left in it (the owners had moved out three weeks earlier). Pikes of ash in the fireplace. Dirty dishwasher. Dirty shower. I’ve posted a few pictures we took when we moved in. Yeah. It was a state. Thanks Wellons!

It’s been a trying year since then. With all the costs we racked up for Jory’s cancer, we didn’t get to do a whole lot to the house, and yet documenting all the the things we did do, I can’t help be surprised that we really did make a mark on this house.

TARDIS recording studio

The bedroom now has a lovely turquoise wall. The master bathroom is also now painted turquoise which really pops. We painted the den a bright yellow, and built shelves in the den closet. It looks pretty good! We now have ceiling fans in the bedroom and den. The first time this 50-year-old house has ever had ceiling fans. We replaced the tacky dining room light fixture. We got rid of the ugly basketball hoop in our backyard that’s also probably been there for 50 years. Oh yeah, and we built a freaking TARDIS in our living room. So I guess we have made the house into our home. Slowly, but surely anyway.

Let’s see, what else has been going on? I still have a project I want to talk about but can’t. Rob’s still reviewing my novel. So, it’s pretty quiet. I’m doing a ton of writing for this travel site, and doing some tweaking to Becca but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet on the writing front. Just busy enjoying our house, our garden, and life here in the Pacific Northwest.

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