Summer Adventures

Otter Seattle Aquarium
I’m behind on the blog again. Too busy enjoying the beautiful weather. Last week we had a mini heat wave, so Rob and I rushed off to Deception Pass and went camping. Luna came with us. This marks the first time we’ve ever been camping with just her, and she did pretty well I must say.

Deception Pass is stunning and I’ve really wanted to camp there for a while. I was tempted to go to the San Juan’s, but with the summer rush it might be a bit too busy right now. Whidbey is a lot more chill, and the campground is gorgeous. We were just a few minutes walk to the water, and we could hear the sound of the surf from our campsite. That is, when the damn Navy jets weren’t flying overhead in the middle of the night. Deception Pass is also close to NAS Whidbey, which I didn’t think would be too big a deal. Isn’t there a sequestration going on? But as it turns out, jets in a tent in the woods is awfully loud!

Last Friday was my birthday so we decided to head into downtown and visit the Seattle Aquarium. The last time we were there was just after their baby otter was born. This time around, they had a new seal enclosure. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too crazy about the enclosure. I preferred the old one. This one is covered in glass so you can’t actually get very good pictures. Oh well, I prefer watching seals in the wild anyway. Had hoped to see some at Deception Pass, but no luck. No whales either, although we did see some porpoise.

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with an agent so we decided to go to the new fantasy exhibit at the EMP Museum. I really liked that a lot. You can read my full review over at IGP, but suffice it to say it was a good time and certainly one of their better exhibits.

Work wise, my article for Celtic Life is finally out, although I’m not sure how easily available it is outside of Canada. I do know you can subscribe to their digital magazine. I’m still working through round two of edits on the novel. I think I’m getting tired though. I’m ready to hand it off to Rob to pick apart while I take a breather for a few days. I’m also back to editing The Long Night. Finally. While editing it, I realised how enjoyable it is. I really need to get that little story in print soon. Oh yes, and IGP will now be regularly interviewing geek creators for the Otherworlds newsletter. I’m very excited about this particular news. For a long time, I’ve wanted IGP to reflect geek culture in Seattle, and this is a step in the right direction.

Other than that, I’m just trying to stay motivated at my desk and in the Blue Box, but that weather is very distracting. Looking back on the past year, I can’t believe how far we’ve come. A year ago I had just found out that my landlady had basically been ripping us off, I wasn’t sure if we were ever going to get into this house and my dog had cancer. Now all of that is behind us. I’m in a house that is slowly becoming less a place to rest my head and more a home. We even got rid of the unsightly basketball hoop in our back yard! I’m focusing on my career. We’re making friends. There will always be a hole in my life made by a certain curly tailed dog, nothing will change that, but I’m grateful that for the most part, our lives have settled down. For now… Don’t want to jinx thing…

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