Snoqualmie Falls

What? Another blog post in less than a couple of weeks? Shocking, I know! Last Monday I dragged Rob to Snoqualmie Falls for the first time. Ever since I started re-watching Twin Peaks and saw the waterfalls in the credits, I’ve been wanting to go see it. It really is majestic. We went in July, one of our driest months, yet it was still gorgeous. Unfortunately the trail down to the bottom of the waterfalls is closed until Autumn, so we didn’t get to hike there. However, it does give us an excuse to go back.

Instead I dragged Rob hiking this one trail which is supposed to give a unique view of the falls and nearby Salish Lodge. It was a flat easy, 3.6 mile round trip trail, which alas, might have been impressive at one time, but the trees are now so tall it’s next to impossible to glimpse the waterfall from that location. Not a very good start to my Seattle hiking book recommendations, that’s for sure! It was still a nice day. We picked up a basket of cherries for a buck, and hung out by the Snoqualmie River. I’d definitely like to go back there and paddle the river on a nice, calm day. I can’t believe this is really the first time we’ve explored east of Bellevue. So much for being a travel writer!

Monday was the anniversary of us bringing Jory home twelve years ago. His birthday, so to speak. There was much remembering. We don’t have any pictures from the first day (a huge mistake on our part) but we did find his old paperwork from the Pikes Peak Humane Society. It’s still hard to believe that one dog could make such a huge impact on our lives. I had thought that losing Jory was surely the darkest timeline, but when I think of how close we came to not seeing him at the shelter, not having him in our lives would be the darkest timeline of all.

Not much new to report on the writing front. There are a few things in the works. Right now Rob is reviewing the novel for the first time. I’m a little nervous about him reading this particular story. I hope overall he likes it. I have some potentially cool news, but I can’t reveal it just yet. I can say that it is pretty exciting for me, especially being the scifi fan I am.

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