Whidbey, Whales and Endings

grey whales
Today marks the four-month anniversary since we lost Jory. I am sad. Not so devastated as I was around Valentines Day, but miss him. He’s never far from my thoughts. With the story (novella? Novel?) I’m writing now, he’s on my mind quite a bit. It’s turned from a process I was doing for catharsis, which began when he was diagnosed over a year ago, and changed into something else. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to jinx the project, but I am quite proud of it. I imagine Jory would rather have liked laying up next to me in bed, listening to me read this story.

As I look out the window now, there are blue skies outside. We’re in that wonderful weird time when the temperatures are warmer and sunny, right before the late Spring/early Summer rainy period. I must say, I like it.

We had hoped to go to Whidbey Island last Monday because all we keep hearing is about all the grey whales around Whidbey. But since that particular day was mostly cloudy, we decided to stay on our side, and got lucky enough to spot several grey whales hanging about near Hat Island. There was even a bald eagle flying around. Not a bad show. Of course grey whales are a little harder to spot. They’re not nearly so playful as humpbacks or orca. But it’s nice to know they’re out there. It was a large part of the reason we moved up from Portland.

I’ve been a busy beaver these past few weeks. Today was my last post of Shatterer of Worlds. It’s hard to believe I’m done with it. What happens next is anyone’s guess. I had planned to do a sequel. Well, let’s face it, Shatterer is based on The Mahabharata and I’m barely a quarter of the way through retelling it. However, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’ll give it a few weeks and re-read it. If I still like it, I’ll jump into editing and see about getting it published. If not. Well, it will depend on the readers if I finish it.

Of course my Shatterer obligations are by no means done. I still need to record the audiobook. I had recorded a few chapters a few weeks back. But since I added a gooseneck boom, I decided to do this properly and re-record what I have so that everything is uniform. Some people even stick a bit of wire at the end of the mic so they know how far from the mic they were in their last session. Hopefully I shall put the first post of the audiobook up next week assuming I’m not disturbed by lawnmowers, etc.

I’ve also been busy with Inter-Galaxy Portal. Earlier, I got to try out a new steampunk card game, called Sky Thieves, and I even interviewed the creator, Bill Clark. You can check out the interview over at IGP. I also did some more guest posting which I’ve wanted to do more of. I approached Nix, the editor over at Beyond Hollywood and did a review of one of my favourite movies growing up, The Labyrinth. I swear I loved that movie. I remember I had a plastic baby dolly. Not being particularly motherly, I would happily re-enact scenes, wishing my baby brother dolly away only so I could rescue him from Jareth. Yep, even as a child I was a total geek. The movie still continues to influence me today. I’m a big collector of Froud art, and even got to meet Brian, Wendy and Toby Froud at Powells in Portland. It’s one of those movies that is so very 80s and cheesy, and yet timeless. I hope you enjoy my review.

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