ECCC 2013


It’s been a crazy few weeks here. I had thought to write an update earlier, but alas things got busy. I’m very close to wrapping up Shatterer of Worlds, which is weird. And I have also begun recording an audiobook version of Shatterer, which I plan to have up for free both at the Shatterer website and (hopefully) on podiobooks.

In fact, I’ve slowly been working more on the voice acting side. I recorded a scifi project that I’m pretty excited about, and have still been working on the “mystery project.” Sadly, it still isn’t finished. The interior is almost done, but the exterior, not so much.

Speaking of scifi, we just had Emerald City ComiCon. It was a good show, but packed. They sold out of most of their passes before the show even began. I think they said they had 64,000 people attend this year. Thankfully, we didn’t have too much trouble with lines, mostly because we decided to forgo the major panels. Which is fine by me. All I wanted to see was Jennifer Hale, the voice of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.That was a great panel. Got to meet her and everything.

We had a friend up for the weekend, so we decided to nerd up. I think we spent one day going boardgame crazy first at Card Kingdom and then Otherworlds. On Monday we went to the EMP Museum to see their latest scifi displays. I’ve written articles on both the con and the EMP over at Inter-Galaxy Portal. In a nutshell, I enjoyed the EMP but thought the Art of Video Games exhibit was a bit of a let down.

While the sun was shining we also got out to Pike Place Market which is still high on my list of places to visit if you come to Seattle. There’s so much to see and do, and lots of interesting little stores hidden away. Oh yes, and it’s also home to Golden Age Collectibles, which is probably my favourite comic store outside of Forbidden Planet in London.

I’m still working on an untitled writing project. I don’t know how long it’s going to be, or really where the story will take me, but it’s an interesting adventure. I don’t know what other adventures I have planned. I know I need to go to London some time soon. Aside from that, who knows. I would like to see some more blue sky weather here so I could go watch for whales, which are apparently teaming around Whidbey Island, but the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. So maybe I ought to huddle next to my Grate Wall of Fire instead. It is the coolest device ever for those with an open fireplace. It’s a grate that allows you to stack logs vertically, creating a deliciously warm ember bed at the bottom, and a slow burning, self-feeding fire above. Between the grate and the fireback it raises the temperature of our den at least eight degrees.

Okay, enough weird and unnecessary plugs, I just wanted to share our latest way to keep warm while wintering in Seattle. Until next time…

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