A Day Trip to Whidbey

Taken from Deception Pass Bridge

Taken from Deception Pass Bridge

Valentines Day was last week. For years, I’ve associated this holiday as the day when my best friend told me he loved me. Last year however, that changed. Instead, Valentines Day became the day when we discovered a tumour in my other best friend, Jory. It was the beginning of an almost year-long ordeal which ended in tears.

I had thought I was doing pretty well with Jory’s passing, but the run up to Valentines Day was tough. I kept thinking about him. I even found myself crying again. We knew we didn’t want to be at home for Valentines Day. There were still too many bad memories for us, too many reminders of the trauma we had so recently faced.

So we decided to take a ferry to Whidbey Island and spend the day there. It wasn’t the best weather day for a ferry to Whidbey, I admit, but we had a good time. Whidbey is a wonderful place if you want to feel like you’re far away from the city. We spent the day in the southern part of the island since Luna was at home in her crate. This allowed us to explore the towns of Langley and Freeland.

Langley is a cute little tourist town, Freeland is a little bigger, more for the locals, but still interesting. Both towns boast book stores and antique shops, cute little coffee shops and chocolatiers.

I picked up a ridiculously cheap 1921 copy of Cyrano de Bergerac at a thrift store, as well as a couple of more recent scifi novels at a local book store. Since we were in Langley we decided to visit Act II Books and Puppets which is a store that sells, you guessed it, books and puppets. They have a remarkable range of puppets at all sorts of prices. Given that I still haven’t fully unpacked the puppets I already own, I refrained from buying any new ones, but if you like puppets and are in the Puget Sound area, it’s worth a visit.

Sweet Mona’s was quite busy given the holiday, but we were able to still try some of their chocolatey delights (I had an amaretto truffle), including their drinking chocolate which is basically four ounces of rich, smooth chocolate- the perfect thing for a chilly Valentines Day afternoon.

We tried to look for whales since the whale watching companies I subscribe to on Facebook have reported gray whale activity near Whidbey, but alas, no luck. I didn’t get to see any seals either, but Rob, who’s better at spotting them than I am, saw a few on the ferry ride.

Finally, we had dinner at Prima Bistro, a French-Northwest fusion restaurant. What can I say, I had to have my Penn Cove mussels. These have been off the menu at a lot of places after a boat fire last year meant they had to suspend the harvest. I was glad to see them back on the menu. It was really a late lunch for us, so we took advantage of the happy hour deals. It’s a little pricey otherwise, but the happy hour deal made it worth it. Plus it has some nice views looking over the water.

Overall, it was a really nice day away from everything. Precisely the kind of distraction we needed after last year’s Valentines Day. Course eventually we had to catch our ferry back home. I’m kinda wishing we could go again this weekend, as Langley is having a murder mystery weekend. Being an actress and a writer, I lurrvvee murder mystery events. They do this every year and the entire town participates. It’s really cool, plus it’s a great way to pour more tourist dollars into the town. Sigh, maybe next year….

On other news, I’ve been keeping busy on a writing project that for right now I can’t say much about except that it’s for children and is a fantasy story.. Also working on another hush-shush project that scifi fans will appreciate, more to follow soon…

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