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Edmonds Marina Beach

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been these past few months. Well, I’m in the same place I was two months ago and that has been really difficult for me to accept. We’ve been in this short sale buying nightmare. I somewhat naively believed that we’d at least be in the process of moving by now, but that hasn’t been the case.

I’ll be honest, between that stress and my poor puppy and his cancer treatment, it sent me into a bit of a funk. I’m behind on my own personal deadlines. Shatterer has gone nowhere. I’ve listlessly bounced from story to story trying to find something that engages me. It’s been tough. However, I’m trying to pull myself out of it and not let it take over my life. Little by little I’m forcing myself to write and I do have some news in the coming weeks about Shatterer, so stay posted.

It’s helped that the weather has been stunning lately. Gorgeous shorts and t-shirt weather. Which has meant that we’ve gone out exploring a lot. We visited Meadowdale Park again. We hung out at one of Edmonds beaches. We visited Gasworks Park, and even hit the flea market at the centre of the universe, AKA Fremont. I think we may even get to break out the kayak soon. I’ll of course let you guys know about my adventures.

In the meantime, I did promise more tales from Vancouver. To be honest it’s been a long few months since our trip which was before the short sale and doggie cancer nightmares. However, I did begin these two reviews a few months back, so I’m leaving it here for your edification. I did want to tell you all about the Basil Pasta Bar, a super cheap joint to get freshly cooked, made to order pasta. It’s yummy and the perfect Yaletown cheap eat. I also wanted to tell you about the Mink chocolate cafe, which has a Spanish-style hot chocolate, as well as chocolate fondue. Another time perhaps….

More Vancouver Eats

Another great place for breakfast was the Bellagio Cafe on Hornby. It’s an Italian restaurant however, they do also serve a delicious breakfast. The restaurant itself has an interesting ambience. It’s classy but fun. Customers are seated next to stacks of books. Then on one wall is a display of comic book art with the words “Which Came First? Avatar or Terra Incognita?” Being the editor of a scifi website, I had to check it out. It turns out that the owner of the restaurant had created a comic book series which he was also hoping to develop into a TV show, that bears some resemblance to James Cameron’s blockbuster. Add to the fact that he actually sent a treatment to Cameron’s company, Lightstorm Entertainment, it made for some interesting reading. Going back to the food, we got a yummy and surprisingly cheap breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, toast and sausage. Not bad for ten dollars at a nice restaurant. We didn’t get to try them out for lunch or dinner, but the menu looked superb.

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe was yet another breakfast place we tried. It’s off the beaten track, located in Kitsalano, and it’s super tiny, but well worth it. Plus, with a name like that, I couldn’t resist! You’ll almost certainly have a wait, especially if you choose to go on the weekend. However, there is plenty to look at as your queque. For one thing, the cafe is surrounded with kitsch toys and memorabilia. You won’t be bored! While the menu seemed kinda pricey for a small cafe, the serving sizes at Sophie’s is humongous. They always talk about America when it comes to serving sizes, but speaking as a well-travelled European, I can confirm that Canada is pretty up there when it comes to portions. I’m not sure what else to say. The food is delicious (perhaps not the healthiest of food), service is fast considering how busy they are, and the portions are generous. What more can a traveller ask for?

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