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Boy life has really gotten in the way the past few weeks. My dog was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, so we’ve been working with a veterinary oncologist to deal with that. The treatment is going okay so far, but he’s also had a few other issues that have kept us on our toes and subsequently very busy.

However, we have had some time to enjoy the occasional sunny day of which I’m always grateful for, given that we’re still only in March. One day last week we were up at Mukilteo Landing and we spotted a porpoise and a harbour seal swimming in the Sound. Then the other day we were up there again and saw a Grey whale feeding off the coast of Whidbey Island. As if I needed more reason to convince me that moving here was a good idea!

We did also stop off at Ivar’s for some fish and chips which were less exciting. I’m judgey, I admit. Being from England I have a pretty good idea of what I like in my fish and chips. However, I have adopted some Americanisms, like tartar sauce, if it’s on offer. However the chips were just bland and unsalted. Not very thick either, slightly thicker than french fries. They did have malt vinegar which was fun, but it lacked any of the zest of a true chippie. The fish too was a little bland, perhaps it was the batter, and overall the meal was overpriced. Eight bucks for fish and chips (at the outside fish bar, not the restaurant)? It’s a shame because it seems like Ivar’s is a bit of an institution but perhaps it was just the Mukilteo branch, I don’t know.

Since I’m on the subject of food, I’m excited to talk about some of the places we went to eat at in Vancouver. The city really is a fantastic place for foodies. In fact, they had a wonderful Dine Out Vancouver deal for visitors, which we did not take advantage of, simply because it’s a set menu, but it sounded like it was a hit for both travellers and local restaurants. I liked how many hole in the wall places were decent, popular restaurants. I have to admit, I haven’t seen that level of devotion to hole in the wall eateries since I lived in Hawaii.

The Templeton

Anyway, so what were some of my favourites? Well, I have to mention Japadog right off the bat. I wasn’t sure I would like it. Japanese-style hot dogs? That sounds strange, even for my tastes, but I was so glad we made the effort to go look for a Japadog stand. The company only started a few years ago, but became huge because of the Olympics, and really for good reason. They even now have a branch in New York! I ordered the Terimayo which is their most popular hot dog. It features a hot dog with Teriyaki sauce, mayonaise and sea weed. The Teriyaki sauce sounds odd but actually because of the sweetness, is not that different from ketchup. You can also get dogs with cabbage, noodles, even edamame. They offer veggie sausages and turkey sausages too if you don’t eat beef. Japadog has five different stands and restaurants throughout the downtown area.

We had breakfast at The Templeton which is a Vancouver institution in Granville Row. It’s a small but very old school diner. Booths come with individual jukeboxes on the table (pretty sure they don’t work, but nice touch) and the tables themselves are decorated with old postcards. The tiny diner can get very busy, and for good reason! Like I said, we went there for breakfast. I got the cinnamon raisin french toast, which was very filling. They also serve lunch and dinner, offering gourmet burgers and hot dogs, along with pesto vegetarian lasagne and organic 3 cheese macaroni. Even if you’re not in the mood for diner food, you’re sure to find something you like at The Templeton.

Okay, now I’m salivating. I should probably break for lunch. However, since I’m not yet done talking about all the cool foodie places to try in Vancouver, there’ll be yet more of my Vancouver trip next week. Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

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