There, and Back Again

stalin at xmas fremont

Almost done editing Becca and not a minute too soon. NaNoWriMo is less than a week away and I haven’t even registered yet for this year. Not good! But I’m really proud of Becca and hope you all enjoy it.

Otherwise, things have been relatively quiet here. We took a quick jaunt to San Antonio to visit family. Didn’t get to do too much sight-seeing this time around, although we did go to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch which has a safari. Literally, the animals would stop in the middle of the road, making you “pay the toll” with food. And, not kidding, a zebra stuck his head in the window and tried to steal the bag of food and my cell phone. We barely made it out of there alive! We’ve done Natural Bridge Caverns before. It’s fun, if a little cheesey. Next time we go to San Antonio, I really want to do their adventure tour. You get to rappel and climb around, and it’s a lot more up my alley than the tame, standard guided tour.

Haven’t been doing too much exploring in Seattle these days. We’ve been in house hunting mode most days. I did drag Rob to the Fremont Sunday Flea Market. The market is amazing and really everything a flea market should be. Yummy food, all kinds of collectibles, art and plenty of entertainment.

Fremont itself is a very cool part of the city. There’s a vintage mall where you can find local hipsters shopping. There’s some really bizarre art too, including a huge statue of Lenin; a humongous troll under the Aurora bridge and a rocket fuselage that’s been appropriated by local store. It’s a colourful place and, in all honesty, is precisely why I wanted to move to a city like Seattle.

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