New Site, New Home, New Place to Explore

It seems fitting somehow that this first post comes from a new home in Lynnwood, just 15 miles or so, North of Seattle, WA. I have lived in five different cities before coming here, in two different countries, and yet it I’m still not entirely unpacked. I am, however, itching to get out and explore.

I moved to Seattle from Portland, OR. It’s a fun, pretty place, and I honestly thought Seattle would be too big , too much traffic, etc etc. As it turns out though, I missed the water something fierce. The Pacific Northwest has grown on me, despite the rainy weather that gives England a run for it’s money, but I need more water and wildlife. Hence, the change of location to pretty Lynnwood, barely ten minutes from the water and home to seals and sea lions. And, maybe, a pod of Orcas?

With the weather warming up I’m itching to get out paddling, hiking and exploring this beautiful region. I still haven’t been to Pike Place Market, so that’s a big item on the list of Seattle places-to-visit, and, as a European who found it disconcerting to be so far away from other countries, I am thrilled to be only two hours away from Vancouver, B.C. and will definitely be making use of my¬†renewed¬†passport.

Somewhere along the way, I also have a few personal writing projects which I’m looking forward to sharing soon!

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